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The Sacramento Pioneer Association is a non-profit organization started in 1854 by a gathering of early Sacramentans who realized that they were living in important times. Their mission was to preserve Sacramento history for future generations. Through the years they have been instrumental in preserving Sutter's Fort and many artifacts, documents, buildings, and publications. Currently the members continue these efforts through their own interest in the area's past and their encouragement to students of history.


Pioneer Grove and Pioneer Hall

One early purpose of the Association was to provide dignified burials for members. In the tumultuous times of the Gold Rush, fires, and floods, this was a very important function of men of good will. In 1861 the organization purchased a large burial plot from the City of Sacramento within the Sacramento City Cemetery at 10th and Y Streets. This historic Pioneer Grove has been owned and maintained by the Association continuously to the present.

Association meetings were held in various places in the early days - hotels, court rooms, and fire houses. In 1868 the members constructed Pioneer Hall on the east side of 7th Street between J and K Streets. The architect was Association member Nathaniel B. Goodell, also the architect for the original Governor's Mansion. This beautiful building afforded the members space for a meeting hall and library. The building was the center of much of early Sacramento activities and continued so for 120 years when the Association undertook a complete restoration and renovation. In 1987 the building was gutted and rebuilt to its former splendor. Pioneer Hall is one of the oldest buildings in California in continuous ownership of one entity.

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